Video: Branding for Small Business with Gery Deer & Nathalie Basha

GLD Enterprises Commercial Writing creative director, Gery L. Deer, talks about branding your small business with Living Dayton’s Nathalie Basha.

Branding consists of many parts:

  • The Company Name
  • Logo & Tag Line
  • Customer Service & Connections
  • Affordability / Pricing
  • Quality of Products / Service
  • Uniforms / Presentation
  • Company Culture and Values

To develop a brand, you need two things:

 1) Thorough understanding of your core values

2) You must know your target audience

As you market your company, your brand is used to connect with those customers on an emotional level. Show them that you understand their problem and have the perfect solution.

Excellent customer relations, high quality products or services, and strong connections with your patrons will quickly establish a positive brand for any business. The opposite will reflect negatively on a company and kill a brand just as rapidly.


Common Branding Mistakes:

  •  Choosing A Logo Before A Culture
  • Inconsistent Application of Brand Identity


Examples of Good Branding:

Through careful branding and brilliant marketing of that brand, Apple Computer created a connection with its customers as a fellow in the anti-establishment, that is, anything that opposed the leader in computer sales at the time, IBM. Nearly 40 years later, that culture is still being personified in Apple’s advertising and remains popular.