Public Relations

GLD_Enterprises_icons-02Properly applied, Public Relations (PR) activities generate publicity and a level of exposure and credibility impossible from advertising alone.

 PR was once a way to reach out to relevant journalists and media outlets to share the value of your brand in a way that demonstrates credibility to the audience. You might think you can do it yourself, and there are a great many websites and so-called “experts” who sell you on that very idea. But, the truth is, PR is still about relationships and a deeply-rooted understanding of how the media works – especially in the moment-to-moment news cycles in which we live today. 

The PR Strategy

Slapping a press release together and posting it on some pay-to-play PR website is not only a waste of money, but there’s no strategy involved. Without a plan, PR is no more effective than a badly designed logo or a video with no focus. It needs to be well-planned and executed.

Reputation Management

It might not seem “hip and cool,” but reputation management really is about public relations. In fact, it’s at the heart of the process. Despite the popular saying, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity,” a negative item about you or your business that pops up on google can quickly damage your brand. Likewise, if the information available out there is not how you want you or your company represented, it can be confusing to audiences and turn them off to your brand entirely. 

Our strategic plans include reputation management services that go farther than a simple clean up of your LinkedIn account. We offer social media monitoring, customer review research (helping to determine if reviews are genuine and if so connect with negative reviewers to see how we might offer them a better experience), and so on. 

Milestones & Events

Are you planning to bring on new employees or have a new product scheduled to launch? Maybe you have moved to a larger office to better serve your customers? Perhaps your company reached a special milestone, like 20 years in business. Any of these would be a perfect opportunity for a Public Relations boost!

Watch the video – What is PR? 

Applicable to all types and sizes of business, a PR event provides the public with an opportunity to know your company and its people. It brings awareness and credibility unavailable through any other means.

GLD Enterprises utilizes all areas of the media to enhance your PR event including television, print, radio, and social media.

Our PR services cover a variety of areas including … (click the link for sample)

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Innerlight_Ribbon_Cutting_1Media Event Coordination consists of consultation on event scheduling and activity planning; action plan development; assisting staff with step-by-step execution of event from date selection to invitation plan; write and distribute media feature story (print, online, radio, TV), including artwork (photos); booking on local television programs (where available).



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