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So you have written a book … Now what?

GLD Communications offers manuscript editing and promotional services for all types of fiction and non-fiction books.

Our Creative Director, Gery Deer, is a Pulitzer-nominated journalist and award-winning writer with more than 30 years of editorial experience with all types of manuscripts and publishers. Our firm works with up to 3 authors per year on developmental and publication-ready editing, including consulting on layout, style, voice and other important aspects of your book. Gery has worked with dozens of authors over the years, many internationally-published, from novels to non-fiction, professional books and biographies.

For more than 10 years, Gery was the Executive Director and Managing Editor of the Western Ohio Writers Association and currently serves on the planning council and faculty of the Appalacian Writers Conference, in Kentucky, as well as the Into The Springs Writers Conference, in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Developmental Editing

You may have heard it referred to as style editing, substantive, or even content editing. Developmental editing reviews everything from story arc, setting, voice, character, POV, and more. Our goal is to give your manuscript a subjective review and make recommendations to improve it while maintaining the author’s intent and voice.

Copy Editing

Many editing groups are moving to the use of Artificial Intelligence to perform copy editing tasks. Not here. We put our eyes on it, paying close attention to the focus and meaning behind every word and phrase. Our goal is to give the copy its final polish of style and nuance.


The last stage of the editing process, Proofreading is the most important piece of the professional puzzle. We don’t let that one error diminish your work. If copy editing is the wash, our proofreaders are applying the wax!

Publishing Consulting

Once you’re finished with your book, it’s our job to help you determine the best way to go to press. We provide support and consulting for everything from finding an agent or small press to creating cover art, designing the style of the product, and more.

Don’t just go for the easy way – let us help! Once it’s out there, you can’t bring it back. Contact us for support with publishing.




Gery Deer – Developmental & Copy Editor

Carma Shoemaker – Developmental Editor

Julie Barth – Copy Editor & Proofreader


Manuscript Development, Marketing & Author Platform Promotion

Today more than ever before authors are choosing to self-publish their work or sign on with a small press. Performing many of the duties of a literary agent, but paid on a straight, hourly fee, we never take a percentage of your book sales. We have assisted self-published authors from many genres with the successful release and distribution of their writing, from scholarly academic works to futuristic fantasy.

Highly experienced in the area of author/book branding for self-publishers, Gery was interviewed by the Dayton Business Journal. (September 21, 2012) Read the article.

* Launch Support, Marketing & Public Relations

* Manuscript Preparation / Processes

* Publishing Consulting Services

Contact us for more information on how GLD Communications can help develop your book project and create a successful marketing plan for its release.

Business professionals!

The best way to promote your work and establish long-term and wide-reaching credibility is by writing a book about your industry or experiences. 


NO Artificial Intelligence!

Remember, AI cannot be creative and it can’t speak with your voice or create one for your characters. Before you try to use AI, please consider the repercussions. 


Check out some of our past authors …


Gery L. Deer shows the WOWA’s new anthology, “Flights of Fiction” published by Loconeal / Handcar Press.

Books by Gery L. Deer In addition to being a Pulitzer-nominated freelance journalist, Gery L. Deer also publishes ebooks for both pleasure and commerce. Gery’s business topics range from targeted marketing techniques for real estate professionals to develop a profit-generating sales letter. Currently, his books are available only for the Amazon Kindle eReader, or via download in PDF format. Use the links below to visit Gery’s author page on or purchase the books for immediate download to your Amazon Kindle eReader. How To Write A Profit Generating Sales LetterYou Can’t Fight City Hall : A Jack Reager Story


Flights of Fiction 

Gery L. Deer, Executive Editor

An anthology of fiction set in and around southwestern Ohio by author members of the Western Ohio Writers Association.

Michael Martin, Bill Bicknell, Kate Seegraves, Philip A. Lee, Deanna Newsome, Tammy Newsome, Lynda Sappington, LD Masterson, and more …

FLIGHTS OF FICTION An Anthology of Short Stories set in Southwestern Ohio. By Author Members of the Western Ohio Writers Association (WOWA) In 2008, a group of authors in Dayton, Ohio, got together for the sole purpose of ripping each other to shreds, leaving behind the mangled hopes of promising scribes who lay finally broken and decaying on the floor. After that, robbed of all dignity, they went out for coffee and decided to write a book. Here it is: Flights of Fiction. Pull up a comfy chair and lose yourself in eleven original stories set in and around the southwest Ohio region. Written by just a few of the talented authors from the Western Ohio Writers Association, these soon-to-be classic tales let you follow one man’s tragic story at the end of the world in “Dead of Winter”; experience a night at the National Museum of the United States Air Force in “Nose Art”; and get lost in a haunting image from the past in “Tabitha’s Portrait,” plus many more. From detective tales to a trek into the mysterious world of wrestling, Flights of Fiction has something for everyone.


John Bukowski’s “Project Suicide”

Published in 2023, this book was one of the most challenging projects we have taken on to date. Part political thriller, part investigative procedural, the book is a constant twist and turn of deception and murder in the high stakes world of international politics.



By Liz Coley

Pretty Girl-13

When thirteen-year-old Angela Gracie Chapman looks in the mirror, someone else looks back–a thin, pale stranger, a sixteen-year-old with haunted eyes. Angie has no memory of the past three years, years in which she was lost to the authorities, lost to her family and friends, lost even to herself.  Where has she been, who has been living her life, and what is hiding behind the terrible blankness? There are secrets you can’t even tell yourself.  ON TV – Pretty Girl-13


Out of Xibalba

By Liz Coley According to Mayan legend, the human age is scheduled to end today. That’s what the Belizean tour guide tells Michelle’s family as they paddle canoes out of the solstice sun and deep into the mysterious, dark cave system. The Earth trembles. The cave crumbles. Michelle is thrown back in time, away from everything she knows and everyone she loves, into an ancient world of palace politics, bloody warfare, and human sacrifice. Men Ch’o, second son of the ruler of a small Mayan city-state, has always stood in the shadow of his elder brother, but the unexpected arrival of the goddess Ix Chel in human form will shift the fulcrum of power and upset the balance of his heart. ON TV – Book showcase: Out of Xibalba


Images Old And New

By Sarah Winfield-Seymour

Sarah Winfield-Seymour is a lifelong scholar of Judeo-Christian Mysticism. Her new scholarly book, “Images Old And New,” explores and challenges long-held beliefs about the connections between man, philosophy, and God. Miss Winfield-Seymour was a represented client author of GLD Communications from 2010-2012.






The Legendary Tales of Sharktooth and Hammer – The Awakening 

By C.C. Christian

About Sharktooth and Hammer …

What would you do if you were haunted by the loss of your father? Sharktooth’s nightmares kept getting worse and worse. They finally got so bad he begged his best friend, Hammer, to help him find out the truth about what really happened to his father years ago in a battle against their sworn enemies, The Sharks From The East.

Defying the elders, Sharktooth and Hammer leave the safety of their colony to search for others who might know all about the past wars. They also hoped to learn more about The One who they thought might hold the key to putting an end to Sharktooth’s nightly torment. However, to their surprise, their journey sets off a chain of events that puts them and their entire colony in danger – and not just with The Sharks From The East.