Content Marketing is Key to Future Success

Effective marketing in the digital age is all about getting attention to your product or service and then holding it long enough for the consumer to make the decision to buy. While saturation campaigns (fire-hosing money into blanketed ads) can be effective for awareness, they generate zero credibility and usually only serve to cause people to tune out your message – if it’s ever even heard in the first place.

The best examples are car dealership ads on TV and radio. They blare at you repeatedly, sometimes the same ad multiple times within an hour, and kick up during high-audience times like during news or more popular programs. The idea is just to get you to think of the name the next time you need a car or service or whatever they’re promoting. But none of that provides a level of trust or credibility to the business. It’s based on the shotgun approach – fire enough buckshot at on time and you’re bound to hit something. Dedicated digital marketers go for the same thing – have your stuff appear on as many platforms as possible, regardless of the origin of the material, and hope someone clicks on “buy now.”

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the luxury to toss so much cash into advertising like that, and specialty and professional companies will have absolutely no success with these kinds of tactics. Besides, if it’s the long-term engagement you want with customers, you must prove to them you know what you’re talking about. You can do that through strategic content marketing.

Right now, you’re reading an article – and hopefully you’ll watch the embedded video – because you assume we have some level of competence in Content Marketing upon which to base advice. So, we’re creating credibility by offering free information to help you learn about these concepts, while giving you a non-mainstream take on the process. Our content helps us to generate interest but also proves our knowledge. Usually, we post information you can use in your current marketing and communication activities. We aren’t trying to sell you anything – well, we are, but not directly. Our hope is that you’ll see we know what we’re doing and, when the need arises, you’ll already have some level of trust in our ability to help. That’s what Content Marketing can do for you.

There are a lot of “digital marketers” out there selling content marketing as part of their plans. But most of this content is text-based, blogs written generically and sold to every other company they have in their client list that does what you do. They may be selling the same article about tree trimming to 500 different landscaping companies. The only thing they do is poke the client company’s name into the copy here and there. It’s not original, it’s not based on any one company’s philosophies or culture – it’s just filler to be generate Google hits. And filler is meaningless.

Meaningless content is worse than not having any. If you don’t create with the audience an understanding of your way of doing business as it relates to a subject, they’re not going to get that warm fuzzy that gets them to eventually part with their money.

Additionally, digital marketing firms rarely understand the lasting effectiveness of traditional advertising methods. If all they’re producing for you is text copy to go on a blog, you’re missing a great opportunity. Video and audio programs are far more engaging and have a much higher conversion rate than text material.

They’re going to tell you that video and audio don’t have the “SEO” value of text copy, and that’s not only wrong, it’s close to malpractice. Video is far less expensive to produce than you might think and audio, like podcasts or hold messaging ads, can be even more affordable.

At GLD Enterprises Communications, Ltd., our goal is to help you demonstrate your expertise and build credibility that will have a lasting effect on your long-term sales. Click bait and “influencer” nonsense is nowhere in our plan for you. We create quality content for you that is optimized, not for search engines, but for people. Human beings make buying decisions, not algorithms, and the organic SEO that comes from quality, highly-viewed content is far more effective than “pay for play” digital marketing plans.

Don’t wait. Call us today at 937-902-4857, or email our Media Director, Julie Barth, to see how a content marketing plan from GLD Enterprises Communications, Ltd. can help grow your following and your bank account.