Consistent professionalism is the key to success

LD_GD_NB_FIRST_IMPRESSIONSSomeone once said, “You only get one chance to make a good first impression.” That statement applies not only to social settings but, and far more importantly, to your efforts in landing new business for your company.

One of the reasons that many small and home-based business people are not taken as seriously by mainstream professionals is because they don’t take themselves seriously enough. Remember, you are no less important than any other executive or CEO, no matter how large the company. But you have to believe it yourself before others will and you have to show that by looking the part.

Your work is no less professional or inferior to someone working on the 26th floor of a skyscraper. But if you give off the impression that you don’t care about how you come across to people in the business community it can really cost you valuable credibility.

Here are some tips to keep yourself looking professional and help you stay focused …

  • Attitude, Attitude, Attitude
  • Always Be Prepared
  • Dress The Part
  • To Be Early Is To Be On Time
  • No One Cares About Your Excuses

Keep in mind that for the last couple of hundred years, one of the most powerful people on earth has worked from home. But, with the exception of Thomas Jefferson, who is said to have met dignitaries in a bathrobe and slippers, most American presidents dress in contemporary business attire for their workday.

You should consistently present an image of professionalism through the right attitude, proper preparation, dress and punctuality. Imagine that you work for a large company and your job depends on being on time and ready for any important meeting or presentation. That’s how you should operate when working alone. Every meeting is an opportunity.

Learn more about this topic in this video clip featuring business guru, Gery L. Deer on WDTN-TV2’s “Living Dayton” program, January 3, 2013.