3-2-1 PROFIT$ – THE PODCAST – Woodland Cemetery & The Grateful Dead – S1:E4

Angie Hoschouer is the Manager of Development and Marketing for the historic Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum located in Dayton, Ohio. Gery and Angie talk about her unique position, the history of the cemetery, and how she balances the duties of marketing for the sales side as well as the protective foundation that funds the care for the grounds.

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Angie is a one-person department and she is responsible for all fundraising activities for the Woodland Arboretum Foundation. She is also responsible for all of the marketing at the cemetery including press releases, newsletters, social media posts, and interviews. Additionally, Angie coordinates a group of 20+ volunteers scheduling guided tours and horticulture care in the cemetery and arboretum. But the best part of my job is the research she gets to do on the “residents” within the gates of Woodland. “Everyone has a story and I am making it my mission to find the stories of all111,000 people resting peacefully at Woodland,” she explained.”

In this episode of 3-2-1 PROFIT$ – THE PODCAST, we get the chance to hear many of the more famous stories of the residents at Woodland and also a great deal about the things Angie does as part of her unusual job.  We recorded inside the mausoleum and it was such an amazing and entertaining experience. We jumped at the chance to be in such an interesting building and surrounded by so many of the people who founded Dayton, quite literally.

Watch out video tour here! https://youtu.be/vse4CX0WX8Y

You can learn more about Woodlawn Cemetery, take virtual tours, and even find out how to purchase a space there by going to www.woodlandcemetery.org. The cemetery is open 365 days a year and has many beautiful hills, valleys, trees, and paths to explore.