Integrated Whiteboard and Chalkboard Videos are a great brand-message vehicle.

Whiteboard videos are nothing new. In fact, they’re kind of “old school” to some marketers. Just about anyone can crank out a point-and-click whiteboard video in under an hour, with a little practice. Throw on some royalty-free stock music and a quick voiceover and you’re done. At least that’s what everyone thinks. But here’s the reality of it …

Whiteboard and chalkboard videos are still an engaging and cost-effective way to communicate your message on just about any media platform, from YouTube to Instagram. The main reason they can look “cheap” or amateur is because the people making them are not marketing specialists and often have no understanding of brand consistency, tone, and message economy. That’s where we come in. We can offer you three whiteboard video options that are both economical and highly effective!

First, is a standard whiteboard video – of the type you’re used to seeing all over the internet and social media. A hand draws the art and text as a voiceover and music play in the background. It can be done in various colors of “pen ink” and we have a selection of “hand models” to choose from so we project the image you want and keep within your brand guide.

The second type is a chalkbard video. Similar to the whiteboard but it looks like a chalkboard drawing. The board can be either green or black – usually chosen based on the other colors needed. Most graphics can be converted to the chalk style and we include a similar selection of hand models and chalk colors.

The final version we offer is called an “Integrated Green Screen Whiteboard Video” – which could also include the chalk style. This is when we shoot a live-action video against a chromakey background to then integrate with the whiteboard/chalkboard video. When you add titles, proper logo placement, music and a well-written script, these videos come across as professional and highly engaging.

This is an “integrated green screen whiteboard video” created for our clients at Union Savings Bank in Dayton, Ohio. The project was developed in two different locations and the live-action integrated with a scripted whiteboard message. The branding and look/feel of the video is made uniform to go along with previous videos we’ve done for the client for consistency.
Here is a quick sample of a chalkboard-styled whiteboard video. This piece uses standard titles with the chalkboard video as the focus to tell people about the different video content options available from GLD Enterprises Communications, Ltd.

Regardless of the style of the video, it’s the message that matters. Most people don’t spend enough time identifying their audience and then hammering out what they’re trying to say to them. Additionally, videographers tend to allow the client to dictate the content – we do it a little differently. Yes, we need to know what you’re trying to say and to whom, but we’ll help you narrow the video content so that the message is more concise and consistent with your overall brand.

For example, when a client wants to do a 30-second video consisting of a laundry list of their products or services we will have to dial them back. Remember you only have about 8 seconds to get the viewer’s attention so you need to get to the point. You pose a question or identify a problem or make a statement – then everything else in the video should be supporting information to that point. When you try to firehose info on the audience you’ll lose their interest in about 10 seconds. And they won’t be back. You’ve lost them.

So if you’re ready to take your promotional videos to the next level and really engage with your audience through high-quality, professional media, let’s talk! Call us today at 937-902-4857 or email our media director, Julie Barth at to get started!