The importance of recognition within your organization.

GLD_LD_SCRNSHT_2182014Whatever kind of organization you operate, it’s important to keep up morale through regular recognition of the efforts from those working with you. Some of the best, most influential marketing comes from inside your own organization. Having happy, loyal employees who genuinely like their work and feel appreciated can go a long way towards building a solid company culture and a positive public image. Employees wear company logos, talk about their bosses outside of work and can often have a profound effect on the success of a company, particularly in a small town.

Sustaining a productive, satisfied workforce can be difficult for any organization, particularly during the gray winter months or slowed revenue times. One way to help keep up morale is through consistent and meaningful worker recognition.

While we may sometimes snicker at the idea of an “Employee of the Month” program, it’s important to let workers know they are valued and why. Encouragement and praise will go much further to motivate an employee than something more negative.

Recognition should be given for a variety of reasons, not just higher sales, staying late at the office every night or above average sucking up to the boss. You can reward anyone for anything and sometimes the smaller the action being rewarded, the more motivating it can be.

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Establish A Regular System.

Some recognition comes from regular activity, such as highest sales month, most positive customer comments, and so on. Set up a rewards system that is repeatable and anticipated – monthly, bi-weekly, annually. It can help people work toward a goal and generate friendly competition.

Be careful not to make the reward too extravagant or the competition can turn negative. Put a limit on the number of times one person can win something, however, so it doesn’t appear to be the same person winning all the time and everyone can visualize themselves getting the award.

Take an employee to lunch.

There are usually two reasons the boss will take someone to lunch. Either they’re being promoted or getting fired. But an informal meal is a great way to say thanks and even get to know an employee with whom you may have less contact than you have time to manage most other days. This can be random choice or based on some milestone.

Don’t forget yourself!

Unless part of a larger corporate structure, organizational leaders will rarely receive an Employee of the Month plaque or a “good job” certificate and tend to overwork themselves. You could take an afternoon off or go to a movie. But sometimes increased productivity from a satisfied workforce can make your job easier and allow you a chance to breathe. That can be as rewarding as any kind of recognition. As the leader, you set the tone of the organization. It’s important to let the rest of the staff know you’re human and appreciate what they do to make you successful.

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