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Since May of 2012, Gery L. Deer, Creative Director and Writer with GLD Enterprises has been a Business / Marketing Contributor for WDTN-TV, Channel 2, Dayton, Ohio talk show, LIVING DAYTON. 

Often, Gery’s work in the broadcast media is behind the scenes. GLD Enterprises Communications, Ltd. will book clients on various regional television programs, accompany them to the studio and walk them through the process of the TV interview.

Gery also provides original print content for local newspapers, such as the Greene County Dailies Newspaper Group in the Dayton, Ohio area, including his long-running op-ed column, “Deer In Headlines.” Read it weekly at

Gery also provided support on a WDTN-TV2 News investigative report about the hazards of Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs. Here’s a link to the story …

In addition to providing business and journalistic content, Gery also serves as a guest expert and on-air support for special programming. For each segment Gery is involved with, he creates the topic focus, produces the segment and writes the scripting. For clients, he does all of this as well as coaching them about on-air protocol and accompanies them to the interview to make certain everything goes well. If you’d like to have your organization, business or book featured on a local television program, call today for information – 937-902-4857.


(Above)Living Dayton crew at WDTN – CH 2 – Shaun Kraisman, Gery L. Deer, former co-host Vanessa Freeman and Sallie Taylor

You can see Gery regularly on WDTN-TV2’s “Living Dayton” online at











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