Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a specialized marketing practice that requires strategy and patience. It also requires a multi-channel plan including text/blogs, PR material, podcasts and video. We do everything from helping you build the plan to nailing down topics and developing the media – audio, video or text.

Text content (blogs or other online material) is a great way to keep your message in front of your audience. Regular publication of blogs and other informational content can provide a level of credibility while keeping customers engaged and educated.


SEO & Website Development

At GLD Enterprises, we focus on CONTENT MARKETING, which takes the tech-wizard mystery out of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and reduces it to its primary purpose—to generate sales.

User-focused website content is the key to getting visitors to remain on your site longer and eventually buy from you. While search engine placement is important, the end user, your potential client audience, should be taken into consideration first.


Don’t have a website? Our technical staff can assist with that as well to provide you with a WordPress-based website and clean-energy, low-cost hosting. We also assist you in one of the most important areas of web creation in regards to marketing – CHOOSING THE DOMAIN NAMES!