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Welcome to the official page of 3-2-1 PROFIT$ – The Podcast, the show that presents insights and experience from business experts.

Your host is GLD Enterprises Communications, Ltd. CEO, Senior Writer, and Business Coach, Gery Deer. Each hour-long episode features an interview with an expert from a wide range of business topics from startup funding to succession planning.

Produced and Engineered by Julie Barth.

Directed and Hosted by Gery Deer

Production Graphic Design by Taylor Huggins Media.

Promotional considerations are provided by GLD Enterprises Communications, Ltd., our advertisers, and guests of the program.



Sponsorship Opportunities

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Get your product or service in front of hundreds of listeners and monopolize the conversation through our Title Sponsorship program. Working within our educational and informative format, you will have the opportunity to share your expertise with our audience and provide them with detailed information on your company.

Benefits … 

  • Featured Guest
  • Web Links
  • Guest Blog Option

You’ll be the featured guest but you will also have your logo, website, and other links posted on our website and promotional materials. Plus, you’ll have the option to submit a guest blog to the GLD Enterprises Communications, Ltd. company website.

Associate Sponsorship

Each episode features a 30-second, pre-recorded advertisement at the bottom of the hour as well as live sponsor recognition at the top and bottom of the hour.

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