3-2-1 PROFIT$ – THE PODCAST – S1:E5 Mark Myers, The Secret of My Success

Our Title Sponsor Guest for Episode 5 of this season, “The Secret of My Success,” is Mark Myers of the Mark Myers Mortgage Team at Union Savings Bank in Dayton, Ohio

Mark Myers has been in the mortgage loan game for thirty years. After college, he went straight into banking and found success later in mortgage loans.

Today, he’s a million-dollar loan officer at Union Savings Bank in Dayton, Ohio, and leader of The Mark Myers Mortgage Team with hundreds of satisfied customers to his credit. But, like so many other success stories, the good life didn’t come easily. LISTEN NOW!

In this episode of 3-2-1 PROFIT$ – THE PODCAST, Mark sat down with host Gery Deer to talk about the “secrets” of his success. You’ll hear how Mark sees success and the path to professional and personal satisfaction. LISTEN NOW!

usb-logo.pngIt took determination, hard work, gratitude, and the courage to face his own personal demons – and overcome them. Mark shares his personal journey and offers some advice to those who are still out there chasing success or already have it but want to be able to continue to thrive.

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Event Planning & Event ProfessionalsRecorded in the Galleria Event & Conference Center at The Event Connections in Dayton, Ohio.

Our thanks to the management for allowing us to record in such a great space!



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