So you want to publish a book? We can help.

writingToday more than ever before authors are choosing to self-publish their work or sign on with a small press. But there are pitfalls to doing it on your own, including the question of whether you should or not. Here are a few simple tips to get you started if you’re considering a self-publishing direction.

Edit, edit, and edit again. One of the main failures of many authors who choose to go it alone is a lack of precision editing and proofreading. Some authors are unwilling to allow a publisher to clean up their work to a publishable and more readable state. In addition, many writers are simply impatient, trying to “jump the line” and get a book out immediately without spending the time on quality and readability that would make their work sell itself.

Create a business and marketing plan – and stick to it. Being an author is no different than starting a small business. You are a business person with a product to sell and a brand to market. In this case, your book is the product, and you, the author, are the brand.

Get professionally created graphic design and cover art. Cover and interior art isn’t merely a cool, artistic representation of your characters or story, but rather the first impression in a moment of critical decision making by your potential reader. A cover should be a strategic part of the marketing of your book. Remember, first impressions are everything, and yours is the book’s exterior artwork. Take the time and spend the money to do it right.

Finally, dismiss the impulse to defy the way the big guys do it. There’s a reason that large publishers are successful for their authors and ignoring those processes in favor of being the “rebel” is just foolish – that is, if you ever want to be published. Watch what major publishing houses do and imitate that to the best of your capability. That means get multiple edits and proofreadings, go the extra mile to market your book (buy advertising, schedule appearances at events, give a lot of books away, etc.) Once you step into the world of creating a book and marketing it to the masses, you’re no longer an author. You’re a business person.

We can help on your journey – even before you have finished your book.

Our Services Include:

  • Development and Creative Direction
  • Editing / Proofreading
  • Graphic Design / Cover & Interior Art
  • Printing and Bindery
  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Publishing Consulting

Performing many of the duties of a literary agent, but paid on a flat-rate or hourly fee, GLD Enterprises Communications, Ltd. never takes a percentage of your book sales. We have a proven track record of working with self-published authors from many genres with the successful release and distribution of their writing, from scholarly academic works to futuristic fantasy.

Check out the story about Dayton’s Self-Publishing explosion, featuring GLD Enterprises Communications, Ltd. and our client author, C.C. Christian, in the September 21 edition of Dayton Business Journal.

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Books by Gery L. Deer

In addition to being an award-nominated freelance journalist, Gery L. Deer is also the co-founder and Executive Director of the Western Ohio Writers Association (WOWA) and publishes ebooks for both pleasure and commerce (Read Gery’s op-ed series, “DEER IN HEADLINES”). Gery’s business topics range from targeted marketing techniques for real estate professionals to developing a profit-generating sales letter. Currently, his books are available only for the Amazon Kindle eReader, or via download in PDF format. Use the links below to visit Gery’s author page on or purchase the books for immediate download to your Amazon Kindle eReader. How To Write A Profit Generating Sales Letter , You Can’t Fight City Hall : A Jack Reager Story

Flights of Fiction 
Gery L. Deer, Executive Editor

FLIGHTS OF FICTION An Anthology of Short Stories set in Southwestern Ohio. By Author Members of the Western Ohio Writers Association (WOWA) In 2008, a group of authors in Dayton, Ohio, got together for the sole purpose of ripping each other to shreds, leaving behind the mangled hopes of promising scribes who lay finally broken and decaying on the floor. After that, robbed of all dignity, they went out for coffee and decided to write a book. Here it is  – Flights of Fiction. Pull up a comfy chair and lose yourself in eleven original stories set in and around the southwest Ohio region.

Written by just a few of the talented authors from the Western Ohio Writers Association, these soon-to-be classic tales let you follow one man’s tragic story at the end of the world in “Dead of Winter”; experience a night at the National Museum of the United States Air Force in “Nose Art”; and get lost in a haunting image from the past in “Tabitha’s Portrait,” plus many more. From detective tales to a trek into the mysterious world of wrestling, Flights of Fiction has something for everyone.

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