Copywriter Coaching

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own copywriting business, now is a perfect time. With more companies turning to content marketing to get their word out, opportunities abound for new copywriters. But it’s not easy.

The Pros: Well, that’s the problem, isn’t it? It seems like everyone today believes they are a professional copywriter. The good news is that, if you’re a good writer – and YES, you need to be a good writer regardless of what you’ve heard elsewhere – you can make a good living, provided you’re willing to work hard.

The Cons: You need to learn how to sell yourself and your skills. You don’t hang a sign that says, “Bob Smith, Copywriter,” and then just sit back and wait for the phone to start ringing.

And, you can forget any ideas you have about working in your bunny slippers and pajamas (OK, so sometimes you can work in your PJs unless you’re on a video call). But, all kidding aside, if you’re going to be successful, you have to be serious about the work; not just the writing, but being professional as well. This is a real career move, not a game for amateurs to be out there undercutting each other on price and quality. A great many professional writers depend on it for their livelihood.


One-On-One Coaching

There are plenty of resources out there to help you learn to be a copywriter, from “how to write” training to webinars and workshops on how to start and run a copywriting business. But most of it is ambiguous and expensive. So how do you afford it? We won’t be charging hundreds of dollars to watch some pre-recorded videos or fill your email box with clickbait about how to be a million-dollar-copywriter in 80 days. What we will do is give you the full story about the business of copywriting, warts and all.

Copywriting is hard, rewarding work. It takes continual study, time, practice, and commitment.

About Your Copywriting Coach

Copywriting is more than a hobby or a part-time job to me. Copywriting is my bread and butter – it feeds my family and pays the mortgage.” – Gery D.

Gery Deer has been a freelance writer since October of 1987 when he sold his first piece of work to a local publication. He’s been nominated for and won countless awards including addies, multiple media awards and nominations, and more. His work has been featured in hundreds of publications and marketing materials over the years ranging from weekly columns and features to website content and television lifestyle program scripting.

Programs Available

Where there’s a Quill …  Our introductory workshop is a 90-minute, virtual presentation designed to give you the perils and promise of professional, freelance copywriting. Includes full, live presentation, Q&A, 2 follow-up emails, and 1 virtual one-on-one (30 minutes). Investment: $150.00

On Target … You’ve set up your practice, now you need to get in there and get to work. This workshop covers everything in “Where there’s a Quill…” and goes on to walk you through some basics of client-facing activity. We will discuss sales and marketing activity for your new practice including the importance of networking. Includes full, live presentation, Q&A, 3 follow-up emails, and 2 virtual one-on-ones (30 minutes each). Investment: $245.00

Practice Makes Perfect… Get one-on-one time with Gery on a weekly basis in this professional coaching program. You’ll have 60 minutes per week, 4 emails, and 2 “practice review” sessions (this is when Gery can have a look at what you’ve put together – your website, marketing materials, networking/sales call plans, etc. – and give you some direct feedback.) Investment: $475.00/Month (1-month minimum)

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