About GLD

Outstanding service since 1998!

Our mission: To help our clients prosper from comprehensive, strategic marketing coordination and communications.

The age of instant information has made the world smaller while exponentially increasing the field of competition. At GLD Enterprises Communications, Ltd. we offer the highest level of recognition and credibility.

GLD Enterprises Communications, Ltd. was founded in March of 1998 under the name “Deer Computer Consulting, Ltd.” Founder and owner, Gery L. Deer, started the company primarily as a tech firm but expanded into marketing communications almost immediately. The demand for what we now call “branded content” was not yet at a peak, but the firm began providing this kind of material almost 2 decades before it became fashionable. It expanded over the years into a full-service marketing communications firm.

Here is our owner, and founder, Gery L. Deer, discussing our company on the WDTN-TV2 program, “Living Dayton.” Gery is the business contributor to the program.

What do we do? 
GLD Enterprises Communications, Ltd. is a Marketing Communications agency offering a wide range of services all of which fall into one of the following categories:

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Some of our most well-known clients …

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GLD Enterprises Communications, Ltd. is a limited liability corporation. The “quill seal” logo and name, as well as service icons, are trademarks of GLD Enterprises and Gery L. Deer. 2017 All rights reserved.