S2: E5 3-2-1 PROFITS – THE PODCAST – 321 Promotions! with Holly Beard

S2: E5 3-2-1 PROFITS – THE PODCAST – 321 Promotions!

With Title Sponsor Guest, Holly Beard of Parrot Promo Essentials!

Promotional items are an important aspect of any company’s marketing plan, but choosing the right products takes experience and professionalism. With hundreds of product options and countless online retailers, a trusted partner in the industry can save you time, money, and reputation.

In 1995, two swim moms, one of which was Kim Massie, came together and started Parrot Sports Gear to sell goggles and swim caps. By 2005, Parrot Sports Gear grew into a full-service promotional products company with the help of Kim’s daughter, Holly Beard, who really helped steer the company into more corporate clients.


Holly Beard is co-owner of Parrot Promo Essentials, a promotional products company based in Bellbrook, Ohio. Holly works with her mother and sister to help their clients by learning their culture and getting to know their customers. On this episode of 3-2-1 PROFITS – THE PODCAST, host Gery Deer talks with Holly about her company and career as she sheds light on an industry nearly everyone uses but almost no one understands.

Learn more about Holly and her family in their own words!

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